Pulling back the despair from tinnitus to find hope
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Tinnitus Adaptation, Management & Easing


Tinnitus TAMING.


Tinnitus is the sensation of hearing a sound that hasn't come from the outside world.

From time to time 1 in 3 of us experience it in passing. But for some, tinnitus is more persistent and can sometimes become annoying, even distressing.

Tinnitus Taming by Audify® will provide you with relevant and timely advice about tinnitus and help you in adapting to it, managing it and easing it.


About this service...

Tinnitus Adaptation, Management & Easing (or TAME™) is the systematic approach developed by Audify®, designed to provide you with personalised strategies and advice to help you tame your tinnitus. It incorporates much of the latest research and understanding into a holistic approach towards tinnitus, based on how hearing and the brain work in partnership with one another.

Profile tinnitus
Stage 1: Profile

We begin by profiling your tinnitus. We'll be looking at the type of sound you are currently experiencing, how frequently you experience it, when it started for you, and whether there are any easily identifiable causes that can be addressed for immediate relief. We also assess and prioritise any impact the tinnitus is having on you.

Approach tinnitus
Stage 2: Approach

Stage two introduces you to the TAME™ model for approaching tinnitus by explaining what tinnitus is, why do we experience it, and whether it's ever something you should be concerned about. There are lots of unhelpful myths surrounding tinnitus, and knowing the truth about tinnitus is the first step in getting the better of it.

Contain tinnitus
Stage 3: Contain

How we react to tinnitus has a direct effect on whether it persists or becomes louder. For example: the more we hear it, or the louder it becomes, the more attention we give it... but the more attention we give it, the more frequently we hear it and the louder it becomes. It's a vicious circle.

Stage three explains how these vicious circles work and equips you with the essential skills needed to prevent the tinnitus getting stronger and affecting other areas of your wellbeing.

Tame tinnitus
Stage 4: Tame

Because the experience of tinnitus is so different from person to person, a ‘one-size-fits-all’ rarely works. So in the final stage of TAME™ we work with you to develop your own robust plan for effectively reducing the tinnitus. Your plan will be tailored to your individual experience and may involve sound various components including sound therapy techniques, brain training, together with innovative new therapies wherever they prove appropriate.

Is this service for me?

If you are experiencing tinnitus and you are concerned or troubled by it, then yes this service is for you. This service will be of particular value to you if you have been told by your doctor or other medical specialist that nothing can be done about it.

How much does it cost?

The first step is a tinnitus assessment. This costs £69.

As the causes of tinnitus vary greatly from person to person, this initial assessment will give us a clearer understanding of how best to approach your own tinnitus. In some cases we will recommend a course of appointments. These sessions can be paid for individually at a cost of £85 per session. Or you may prefer to purchase a package of 6 tinnitus sesssions (for the cost of 5).

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