Private ear syringing, irrigation and microsuction wax removal

Our ear canals are the gateway to our hearing, so it's important to keep the passage free from obstruction – otherwise sound can become muffled or distorted.

Sometimes wax can become the problem, causing a reduction in our hearing or interfering with the use of hearing technology, ear plugs or headphones.

Whilst it is normal to have a certain amount of wax in our ear canals, sometimes it builds up or becomes hard and ‘impacted’. That's where microsuction or private ear ‘syringing’ (though we prefer the term ‘irrigation’) can help.

Tell me about this service...

Our wax removal is safe and gentle. We offer three different methods of professional wax removal.

  • Microsuction – we use a tiny vacuum to gently lift the wax out of the ear canal.
  • Irrigation – this is the traditional method of wax removal where sterilised water is used to flush the wax out of the ear canal.
  • Dry removal – with this method we lift out the wax using something similar to tiny forceps.

We will generally use our clinical judgement to decide on the best method for your own ears and build up of wax, unless you have a particular preference for a specific method.

Is this service for me?

  • Because no one can see inside their own ears it can often be difficult to know whether you have a build up of wax. So feel free to drop into Audify®|Exeter and we can check your ears for you and advise as to whether you need your ears cleared.
  • If you are having impressions taken, you may need to have your ears cleared beforehand.
  • If you have noticed a dullness or muffled quality to your hearing recently there may be a build up of excessive wax.

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