Hearing Advice by Audify®

Hearing Advice

Tap into our experience and expertise and start getting more out of your hearing. Whether it's a situation at work, communication with family or friends, or perhaps concerns about the performance of your hearing, our personalised advice will take your hearing further.

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Hearing Enhanced by Audify®

Hearing Empowered

Imagine what your natural hearing might accomplish partnered with today's most advanced hearing technology. Whether you're already experiencing the potential of a modern hearing system but know there's more, or perhaps you're exploring the possibilities for the first time, your future begins with Audify®.

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Hearing Checks by Audify®

Hearing Checks

When should you get a baseline for your hearing? The first chance you get – so you can immediately begin monitoring your hearing throughout life, and avoid the risk of unknowingly mishearing. Knowing your hearing today ensures you're always prepared for any changes tomorrow.

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Hearing Protection by Audify®

Hearing Protected

We're guessing what you really want is to go into all those noisy places, and do all those noisy things… all without throwing away your hearing in the process. Whether you're assaulted with intense noise at work, socially, or through your favourite pastime, Audify® provide the way for you to “have your cake and eat it”.

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Hearing Profiles by Audify®

Hearing Profiles

Hearing is your brain's primary connection to the outside world, active 24/7 in every direction. Our comprehensive hearing assessment has been designed to meticulously profile each aspect of your hearing, to keep that connection strong and constant for the moment you need it most.

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Tinnitus Taming by Audify®

Tinnitus Taming

Ever feel like the noises in your head or your ears won't stop? Or perhaps you've been told by your GP "There's no cure for tinnitus." Audify® can help. Our unique approach to taming tinnitus begins with a specialised understanding of the relationship between your brain, your body and your hearing.

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Our other services

Wax Removal and Ear Hygeine

Wax Removal & Ear Hygeine

Our ear canals are the gateway to our hearing, so it's important to keep the passage free from obstruction – otherwise sound can become muffled or distorted.

Sometimes wax can become the problem, causing a reduction in our hearing or interfering with the use of hearing technology, ear plugs or headphones.

Whilst it is normal to have a certain amount of wax in our ear canals, sometimes it builds up or becomes impacted. We provide a safe and effective way to remove this wax, carried out by a qualified ear hygiene practitioner.

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Memory and Listening Training

Memory, Attention & Listening Training

The purpose of hearing is to get sound to the brain. What our brains then do with the sound once it's there ultimately determines whether or not we thrive when listening becomes more of a challenge.

Just like physical training improves the body, cognitive training improves the mind – and that means that listening skills, attention and memory can be honed through individual coaching and computer-based training.

  • Understand how memory works and its role in listening
  • Improve your ability to focus when there's more going on around you
  • Become better at filling in the gaps
  • Find it easier to keep up with faster talkers

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hearing in the work place in business and organisations

Hearing for Business, Organisations and the Workplace

You may have the best people in your field – but how much of what you expect from staff and colleagues takes good hearing for granted?

Businesses and organisations depend upon accurate “in-the-moment” communication to perform at their most effective.

Audify® work with businesses, organisations and individuals to maximise individual and corporate hearing performance and design accessibility strategies to help ensure that everyone counts.

  • Routine monitoring of hearing
  • Hearing conservation/protection
  • Development of bespoke functional hearing assessments for specialist roles
  • Accessibility consultancy


Medico-Legal Audiometry and Hearing Aid Audiology

Audiological Services for Medico-Legal

The legal profession must be confident that the hearing tests and audiological evidence they're using will be accurate, reliable and stand up to scrutiny.

With our combination of “best practice” audiometry, state-of-the-art testing facilities, and extensive experience working with solicitors Audify® deliver the first-class foundation you need for building your case.

  • Medico-legal hearing tests, tinnitus assessments and specialist tests
  • Reports to the Court – for hearing aids, equipment reports and tinnitus treatment
  • Conversant with the latest guidelines and procedures


Hearing Aid Insurance

Ear Impressions

Aural Impressions by Audify®

So you've found your ideal custom earpiece manufacturer and they've asked you to get a set of silicon ear impressions or aural impressions to send them. No problem! Just tell us what you need, and we'll get you fixed up.

Open-jaw impressions… Closed-jaw impressions… Past the second bend… Full concha and helix… We've plenty of experience meeting the specifications of top earpiece manufacturers from all over the world.

So book yourself in for impressions and we'll take care of the details.

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Home Visits

Troubleshooting hearing technology by Audify®

Genuinely can't make it in to us? You may still be able to tap into our experience and expertise… by using our home visit service.

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Troubleshooting hearing technology by Audify®

If you're currently using hearing technology but it's not performing as you expect, let us shed light on the problem for you.

Our unparalleled knowledge of all makes and models of hearing system, combined with our sophisticated diagnostic hardware and troubleshooting processes, means we'll get to the root of the problem you're experiencing and either put it right, or point you in the right direction.

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Hearing and Listening Optimisation by Audify®

Much of today's hearing technology offers incredible flexibility in the way they can be personalised to the way you personally hear sound.

Yet many hearing care providers either simply set your hearing system up with the manufacturer's default settings (with a few tweaks) or else rely too heavily on what their computer tells them rather listening to your experience of the sound out in the real world.

We do things differently. Call it our holistic approach, or blame it on our geekiness when it comes to sound–but we've developed our own tools and methods for getting more out of your existing hearing system, even if it's been fitted by another provider. We even guarantee it.

Interested? In the first instance, book yourself in for an informal chat and we'll give you an appraisal of whether or not we can help.

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