I should have dropped you a line ages ago to record my very grateful thanks for your great patience and help with my new ears. The Phonaks are really good and a big improvement on the old ones but with the addition of the Bluetooth iCom my hearing has moved to a different level as never before.

I believe I told you of a very special moment when watching the Albert Hall Rememberance Ceremony I realised I was actually hearing the poppies falling and the quality of the music was unbelievably moving.

I am also finding I can hear dialogue in programmes I had given up watching before (partly because they will speak American and not English!) but none of this would have been so easy without your many visits over the High Moor often in ghastly weather and endless patience with two non-technocratic golden oldies.

The addition of your help with the new phone (not to mention the dreaded DVD) really did go that extra mile and we couldn't be more grateful. Having had poor previous experience of a hearing chain, before I found you, I really appreciate the difference in the quality of care you give. I also listened with interest to your programme on Radio Devon and again felt the quality of advice given was of a very high standard. Keep up the good work!

C. Oakley, March 2011