My first experience with a private audiologist proved to be less than satisfactory. It began OK, but eventually broke down when I found he just didn't listen to my needs after the initial setting up of the hearing instruments. I am totally blind and independently mobile, so I need the very best that can be achieved from hearing aids, and this is something I didn't feel my original audiologist understood. He didn't really listen to me, which is not good news from your audiologist.

Feeling very frustrated, I started Googling for information and reviews of other audiologists, accepting that I might have to travel to see them - my first audiologist had been local, and that was a big advantage to me. My web research discovered Audify of Exeter, so not too far to travel from South Devon, and I was interested from what I was able to learn about the company and its approach to hearing loss. From my first phone call, to the time of writing this review [6 months later] I have to say that the company has been excellent, professional, supportive and caring in every detail, from the welcome of the reception staff to the expertise of audiologist Curtis Alcock.

Hearing instruments are expensive, and at no time did I feel under pressure to buy. We began by exploring if my original instruments could work better for me, and eventually moved on to trying a pair of different aids that I was permitted to trial for longer than the usual trial period. This indicates the flexibility shown to customers; blind people have to depend much more on their hearing than do sighted people, and thus I needed extra time to test the instruments in different environments, to allow for any tweaking that might be needed.

Not only did I find Curtis to be very polite, patient and understanding, but he was actually interested from his own professional point of view to understand more about the experience of a blind person using hearing instruments. I have written this review because I wanted to help people in need of hearing aids which are superior to those available from the NHS. I'm not criticising the NHS, they supplied me with free hearing aids for years, and can be perfectly fine for some people, but my hearing loss is quite severe, and I wanted to achieve the best possible, not just to hear better, but to improve the quality of my life using the incredible advances in the technology of hearing instruments.

I've hardly ever written a review, but feel very strongly that I want to let people know that in my opinion, Audify and Curtis Alcock provide everything you could hope for from your audiologist: excellent knowledge with first class service and support. Curtis is somebody that not only knows his subject so very well, but somebody that wants his clients to arrive at the best outcome for their circumstances. I am a happy customer right now, but if I have any questions or problems, free support remains available to me. The price of hearing instruments is not competitive, by that I mean that the same hearing aid[s] should cost you the same regardless of which audiologist you buy it/them from [you can always use the Web to check on prices] so, the important thing is the level of service and expertise available, and again, I can't recommend Audify too highly!

Andy C, February 2017 (from Google Reviews)