What our clients say about us

Combination of expertise and technology

Music is a very important part of my life and, with my hearing failing a couple of years back, I was in danger of losing my place in the choir. A combination of expertise and technology have meant that I can continue and even improve my singing. Curtis and the other staff at Audify have been an important part of that, and I am very grateful to them. It was wonderful to welcome Curtis and his wife to our performance of Bach's B Minor Mass so that they could see, or rather hear, the fruits of their labours.

Mr Chater, May 2017

Could not recommend highly enough

I have been in need of hearing aids for about 7 years. I went to a local specialist. I was sold hearing aids that I struggled with for about 4 years, they were unsatisfactory, whistled in the wind, made my ears itch and hardly improved my hearing. I was constantly returning to the specialist to try and get my hearing improved.

A year ago, a friend told me about Audify, which is about 50 miles from where I live. I went with my wife for my first appointment and we were both filled with confidence. Curtis was never pushy, never attempted to persuade me to get other aids and worked incredibly hard to tune my existing ones. His task was exacerbated by my living in New Zealand during the winter. Considerable success was achieved but I still had problems. So I suggested that I should change.

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Enormously impressed

I am a retired doctor who worked in an Audiology Department of a London Hospital for many years, seeing children with hearing problems. I was also Medical Officer to the Blanche Nevile School for children with hearing impairment.

After I retired in 1999 I moved to Devon and began to have hearing difficulties of my own. I started to attend Broom, Reid and Harris in Exeter (now called Audify®) and was fitted with hearing instruments.

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Knowledgeable and reliable firm

I am very grateful

Thank you so much for sending me a charging plug for my multi-mic – your secretary was so very pleasant when I telephoned to say that I didn't think that it had been included in the package. To receive it a day later was such excellent service, I am very grateful. It is very reassuring when you are dependant on hearing technology to have such a knowledgeable and reliable firm to deal with.

Mrs Marshman, March 2017

The improved quality is most impressive

Writing to express my complete satisfaction

I am writing to express my complete satisfaction with the new hearing system you recommended. The improved quality both in sound and comfort is most impressive, and I wanted you to know how much I appreciate your efforts on my behalf.

A. Midgley

Great care and reassurance

I went to Audify for a routine hearing test today. It transpired I really needed ear wax removing (without the gory detail... both ears very clogged)! Curtis performed microsuction very professionally. He successfully cleared out everything in there (and it was pretty substantial)! All very impressive and also great care and reassurance during the procedure. Curtis is always incredibly kind with his time too, making the effort to explain the science and new developments... giving far more of his time than he has to.

R. Rhodes, February 2017 (from Google Reviews)

Excellent, professional, supportive and caring in every detail

My first experience with a private audiologist proved to be less than satisfactory. It began OK, but eventually broke down when I found he just didn't listen to my needs after the initial setting up of the hearing instruments. I am totally blind and independently mobile, so I need the very best that can be achieved from hearing aids, and this is something I didn't feel my original audiologist understood. He didn't really listen to me, which is not good news from your audiologist.

Feeling very frustrated, I started Googling for information and reviews of other audiologists, accepting that I might have to travel to see them - my first audiologist had been local, and that was a big advantage to me. My web research discovered Audify of Exeter, so not too far to travel from South Devon, and I was interested from what I was able to learn about the company and its approach to hearing loss. From my first phone call, to the time of writing this review [6 months later] I have to say that the company has been excellent, professional, supportive and caring in every detail, from the welcome of the reception staff to the expertise of audiologist Curtis Alcock.

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Excellent speedy service

Many thanks to all at Audify

Many thanks to all at Audify, especially Sam, for the excellent speedy service.

K. Watson, January 2017

Unbelievable knowledge and attention to detail

I have a 92 year old father, who was having incredible problems with his brand new hearing aid that was not supplied by Audify. I had tried to get an appointment with the supplier of the new device, but they were really not interested. We had an older hearing aid that was working, and all that was needed in my mind was for a reset as his actual hearing had deteriorated not the product.

We were fortunate enough to find Audify Limited in Exeter on the internet. The phone call was taken by Lisa at reception, she was outstanding and was able to squeeze an appointment for us at very short notice. We drove from Mere Wiltshire to Exeter and the long trip was certainly worth the experience we had. We met Lisa at reception and were offered a cup of coffee, very nice touch, while we waited for Curtis Alcock, the Managing Director.

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Assisted my hearing in the most difficult environment

After years of frustration, during which my hearing aid was mostly left in its case, the expert advisor at Audify Exeter (Curtis Alcock) adjusted it to work in the real world at my first visit. Using their knowledge and latest equipment, the Audorama, they were able to restore stereophonic sound and adjust the hearing aid to assist my hearing in the most difficult environment, such as noisy public places.

P Goldstraw, November 2016 (from Google Reviews)

Professional, friendly service

Professional, friendly service, I couldn't be happier with the whole experience. My new hearing aids are absolutely amazing, very discreet and so comfortable to wear. They have changed my life for the better. I can finally hear things I've never heard before and people don't have to repeat things anymore!

I would certainly recommend Audify 100%!

G. White, September 2016 (from Google Reviews)

No hesitation in recommending

I originally got my hearing system from somewhere else and went to Audify because I felt I wasn't getting the best out of them. Curtis was extremely patient and thorough in re-configuring them to better match my requirements. He left no stone unturned and explained everything along the way. I shall be using Audify for all my future hearing needs and have no hesitation in recommending them.

E. Mulligan, August 2016

Just brilliant

Illustration of a hare paying attention with its ears open

This hare's expression is so like that of our group at the meeting we had with you yesterday! Ears working as hard as possible, eyes spellbound by the information you were sharing with us, and every nerve ending concentrating on putting new knowledge into our memory banks. Thank you so much – it was just brilliant and very enjoyable. I'm sure that we will refer to it frequently. We all agreed with Janet when she said “I wouldn't have missed it for the world!”.

Thank you again - and also for the happy photo.

B. Pander - Lipreading Group, July 2016

Exceptional and friendly service

I have just arrived back home after having wax removed from my ears - absolutely amazing, my hearing has been restored. Exceptional and friendly service.

S. Snell, May 2016 (from Google Reviews)

Helpful and patient

Very much appreciated by both of us

Thank you for all your help and patience over the last few weeks. It is very much appreciated by both of us!

R. & D. Longmire, April 2016

Still delighted with all the things I can now hear

Thank you for both seeing me and forwarding your book, which I have read all the way through. I thought it was very comprehensive and would have thought that anybody with a hearing difficulty would be very happy to work through it because of all the tips it contains. It amazes me that anyone would want to have a shorter version. On a personal note, I was surprised at how many of the tips I had worked out for myself!

I am still delighted with all the things I can now hear that I wasn't able to before I saw you, so I thought I would write down all my experiences...

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Huge improvement to my quality of life

A very big "thank you" for the huge improvement

I want to say a very big "thank you" for the huge improvement you have brought to my quality of life by enabling me to hear so much better. The initial enhancement has been yet further improved by adjustment and fine-tuning over the last year or so. Please also pass on my thanks to your friendly and helpful staff.

T. Wood, June 2013

Professional skill, care and attention

Would like to pay tribute to the professional skill, care and attention

I was recently able to take advantage of your home visit for the purpose of ear syringing. Of great benefit for someone like me – wheelchair bound. I would like to pay tribute to the professional skill, care and attention I received from Mr Palmer. The treatment having to be carried out in improvised conditions and possibly inadequate lighting. Well done!

W. Abbott, April 2014


Your fame is spreading

Thank you very much for a super talk yesterday

Thank you very much for a super talk yesterday, so much so, that I have had a couple of enquiries for your telephone number, so your fame is spreading. Again very many thanks.

I. Springthorpe, February 2013

Changed my life

Writing to tell you how pleased I am with my new Phonak hearing system

I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with my new Phonak hearing system and to thank you for the care which you took in fitting and adjusting them for me. My wife says that the new technology has changed my life because I hear so much better than with my previous digital hearing aids and I am so much less stressed.

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I am myself once again

 I am so pleased "I took the plunge"

Being relatively young and generally aware of how I present myself, I was really reluctant to entertain the thought of using hearing technology even though I knew I probably needed them. I somehow thought they would age me and lessen my self-esteem and confidence. How utterly and completely wrong I was!

They have transformed my life. I am so much more myself in company as I am no longer anxious about mishearing others and getting 'the wrong end of the stick'. I feel confident that I am able to converse easily and effectively after years of feeling stupid and anxious in many social contexts. I have become extremely fond of my rather trendy, sophisticated, compact, olive green aids! They work wonderfully well and I am so pleased "I took the plunge". I am myself once again.

S. Parker, December 2011

I feel more mentally stimulated and awake

My wife says I am much more alert again

I came to see you with specific problems that my wife and I had defined after wearing NHS hearing aids for two years:

  1. Having poor hearing in my left ear made conversations in the car very difficult when I was driving.
  2. Other people's speech was often blurred. This caused me to not understand or misunderstand what my wife said or what I heard on the television, particularly films.
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Helped make life easier

Just a short note to thank you for making hearing technology so easy

Just a short note to thank you for making the transition to using hearing technology so easy. I was really worried whether I could cope with managing to use them. When I came back home I tried them in an echoing restaurant, a crowded tea shop and on the phone. I did not have any trouble with background noise.

My next door neighbour invited me in for tea, so I could experience the sound of nine people all talking at once around the table! I passed it all with flying colours.

I put this down to the fine tuning you did, and your patience in teaching me how to put the hearing aids in. It has made such a difference, it was great not to strain to hear my name called out at the Doctor's Surgery. It has helped to make life easier.

P. Tupper, July 2011

Felt the next best thing to a face lift

I would like you to know just how grateful I am

I am writing this letter because I would like you to know just how grateful I am for your kind attention to me over the past few years. The hearing aids have made such a difference to my life. It isn't until I am switched off that I realise just how much I would miss if it wasn't for my "helpmates".

When my first aid was fitted it felt the next best thing to a face lift because it seemed to take years off. It really is such a shame that Hearing Tests do not come with Health Checks. My 15 year old grandson agrees with that and says he thinks it is not just an elder person's problem. Once more thanks again to you and Broom, Reid & Harris.

L. Brockway, June 2011

Quality of advice was of a very high standard

My very grateful thanks for your great patience and help

I should have dropped you a line ages ago to record my very grateful thanks for your great patience and help with my new ears. The Phonaks are really good and a big improvement on the old ones but with the addition of the Bluetooth iCom my hearing has moved to a different level as never before.

I believe I told you of a very special moment when watching the Albert Hall Rememberance Ceremony I realised I was actually hearing the poppies falling and the quality of the music was unbelievably moving.

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Such integrity is refreshing

A whole new world of sound has opened up

I have now had my wonderful new hearing system for over a year and I am just writing to tell you what an amazing difference they have made to my life. As you know, I have quite a severe reduction in hearing and had always assumed that my level of hearing could never reach that of a normal person, but now I don't think anyone would believe that I am hard of hearing. A whole new world of sound has opened up.

I can hear birdsong, the rustling of leaves in the trees, dogs barking in the distance, friends talking across the room – I can even eavesdrop and my husband has to be very careful what he mutters under his breath! Listening to music is once again a pleasure and generally life is more relaxing. I don't have to strain to hear anymore and the quality of sound seems so natural that I am hardly aware that I am using hearing technology.

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Would not have received this service anywhere else

Wanted you to know how much your help has changed my life

I am writing as I just wanted you to know how much your continued help down the years has changed my life. The hearing improvements I have gained as a result of your continued outstanding service have been so dramatic that the quality of both my personal and work life have reached levels I could not believe possible.

Over the last five to ten years since I have been visiting you, I have always been acutely aware that I would not have received this service anywhere else. Quite frankly the level of knowledge you demonstrate combined with your persistent determination and passion to provide the best hearing improvements possible always amaze me. I will be forever grateful for all the time and help you have given down the years, and hope to see you in Exeter for many years to come.

G. Newton, September 2010