Get more out of your existing hearing system

If you are already using hearing aids or audifiers, we can help you get more out of them.

Today's hearing systems are incredibly flexible microcomputers. Which means that with the right expertise and the right tools they can often be adjusted to enhance their performance and improve how you are hearing.

We can also help you look after them over the longer term.

Here are some of things we can help you with.

Need a second opinion?

Not sure if you've been given the right advice for your hearing? Currently have hearing aids on trial and want to know if there's a better alternative? Been told you need to upgrade but not really sure it's necessary?

Tap into our extensive experience and expertise – and you'll receive independent, practical, unbiased advice to ensure you are making an informed decision.

This is a free service, absolutely confidential and without any obligation.

All we ask in return is that you consider making a donation to our supported Charity of the Year, which this year is Hearing Link.

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Want to hear better with your existing hearing aids?

Maybe you've had your existing hearing system for some time now. Or perhaps you've been told there's nothing more that can be done with them. Or maybe you suspect you should be hearing better than you are, but you're not ready to upgrade or replace them.

Then our new {seog:disable}Audify® REVIVE™ service is just what you're looking for. We take your existing hearing system, then work our {seog:disable}Audify® magic on it. Our service is fully guaranteed – so if you don't like the results, we put things back the way we found them. It's that simple.

How it works

  1. First, we take a look at your existing hearing system. We do this for you completely free of charge.
  2. If we're confident we can work with your existing system, and you are happy for us to adjust them for you, we first clone your existing settings. (We use this as a fallback in case you want to later return to your original settings.)
  3. Then for the fixed fee of £325 we adjust your existing hearing instruments to bring them up to the {seog:disable}Audify® standard.
  4. You then try out your new settings in the ‘real world’ for two weeks, after which we see you again to review how you got on and to make further adjustments if required.
  5. You can then choose whether to keep your new settings, or go back to your original settings and receive a full refund, less the £35 administration fee.

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Want better ongoing support?

Good ongoing support is an essential part of keeping your hearing system working at its best, especially over the longer term.

Whether it's routine maintenance, like clearing the microphones or changing the filters. Or the occasional adjustment to the settings if your hearing has changed. Or maybe you just need help setting up an accessory or being shown how to do something.

With support plans starting from just £6 a month, our ongoing support is flexible and tailored to you.

So whatever your ongoing support needs, no matter where you got your hearing aids, why not come in and have a free chat with one of our Audivisors. We think you'll be pleasantly surprised at our approach to aftercare.

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Better hearing for family and friends

We all benefit from others hearing us as we expect them to. This is especially true if we are close to someone or spend a lot of time with them.

So how can we help those we care about get the best out of their hearing?

Firstly, by encouraging routine hearing checks throughout life.

Secondly, by utilising hearing technology when hearing is reduced, in order to maintain the brain's connection to the world, to one another and to the opportunties of life.

Below are some of the ways Audify® can help you achieve this for you and your family.

Audifiers vs Hearing Aids

Audifiers and hearing aids are different types of hearing technology. They are both used to remap sound to a person's hearing range, but generally differ in purpose and power.


Audifiers are generally used when someone wants to enhance what they already hear. Typical reasons include sharpening softer speech or separating voices in background noise and groups.

Audifiers reduce listening effort, freeing up valuable mental resources for memory and concentration, and generally make more challenging listening situations more pleasurable.

They can also greatly reduce the risk of mishearing.

Hearing aids

Hearing aids are generally used by individuals who would not be able to hear speech at normal conversational levels without the ‘aid’ of such devices.

Hearing aids therefore have a tremendous impact on quality of life and psychosocial wellbeing for those who use them.

Hearing Technology Style Guide

Today's range of hearing technology shows just how far science has brought us. Most of the models of audifier shown here are advanced computers, with electronics so cleverly miniaturised that some of them can be worn completely invisibly. Whilst others pack in additional technologies that take them beyond mere audification, giving those who use them advantages far beyond that of natural hearing.

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Hearing Technology Styles

Most of the models of audifier and hearing aid shown here are advanced computers, with electronics so cleverly miniaturised that some of them can be worn completely invisibly.

Whilst others pack in additional technologies that take them beyond mere enhancement, giving those who use them advantages far beyond that of natural hearing – such as connectivity to smart phones and other technologies.

All the models and styles shown here are available through us, and our independence and industry connections mean we can often track down other models and technologies should you need something specific.

Models and styles of hearing devices at Audify® Exeter
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