A woman empowered by hearing technology able to do things beyond her natural hearing capabilities

The way you see and hear the world is 100% unique to you.

Our senses directly connect with our past experiences, memories and subjective preferences to affect the way we experience every situation we encounter.

So the first thing to understand about hearing technology is that one size cannot fit all.

That's why to maximise your full hearing and listening potential, hearing technology should be specifically selected and individualised for you.

Anything less would be to compromise your potential.

Finding your perfect match

Finding the perfect match for your hearing is a partnership – between you and your Audivisor. Because whilst we understand how hearing and technology work, there's only one person in the world who knows what it's like to hear sound as you do.

There are well over 1,000 different models and styles of hearing device available to you at any one time. Each has their own set of characteristics, strengths, features and sound quality. So our first goal is to focus that choice down to what's going to work best for you. That means the better we understand your hearing, the better the match.

Yes, we're independent

To best match the technology to your hearing we've always believed it's our ethical duty to remain independent—free to select from the world's best innovators of hearing technology.

That way we never have to compromise on your full hearing potential, because we don't limit your options to a few manufacturers or pre-selected models. Quite simply, we believe that to limit your hearing would be to limit you. And that's not the Audify® Way.

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