A woman empowered by hearing technology able to do things beyond her natural hearing capabilities

Today's hearing systems are incredibly sophisticated wearable computers. And just like any other digital technology, what's possible with modern hearing technology is constantly evolving and amazingly versatile.

It allows for a level of ‘personalised sound’ and ‘optimised hearing’ never before possible.

Getting the best out of your hearing

To truly get the best out of your hearing system – whether it's a modern audifier or traditional hearing aids – requires a different approach than is possible for conventional hearing care providers.

It's the reason we've built and developed our own unique set of specialised tools – including the sensational Audorama™ – with each tool specifically designed to enable us to fully personalise the sound for you – so you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you're getting the very best out of this incredible technology.

Remap sound to your hearing range

Remapping the sound to your hearing

At their most basic level a digital hearing system will take in live sound and re-map it to your own hearing range – in real time. So fast in fact, and so seamlessly, that it will often appear as though it's your own natural hearing... but enhanced.

Reshape hearing to give you an advantage in challenging listening environments such as background noise

Reshaping the sound to give you the edge

But that's only the beginning. Because your hearing system is ultimately a miniaturised computer, which means we can programme it to reshape the sound ‘on the fly’ – enhancing some sounds whilst reducing others – to give you a distinct advantage in more challenging listening enviornments such as groups and background noise.

The most advanced technology will even connect wirelessly with other devices – including smartphones and televisions – taking your hearing connectivity and auditory enjoyment to a whole new level.

Refine hearing to get the best out of it

Refining the sound for your potential

Now imagine what we can do with that technology for your own hearing. Imagine if we worked together with you, combining our experience, expertise and purpose-built facilities with your own unique understanding of how your experience sound, and what you're looking to gain from your hearing.

Our entire set up at Audify®|Exeter is designed to make it easy for you to experience best possible hearing for yourself. We don't believe in ‘leaps of faith’ when it comes to hearing – that's not the Audify® Way. We believe in tangible, measurable benefits. And we'd love the opportunity to show you in person.