Examples of air conduction spectacles with built in hearing technology such as CROS, BiCROS and directional microphones

Air conduction spectacles deliver the sound to the ears via the ear canal like a traditional hearing aid. Some models use Receiver in Canal technology whilst others use Behind the Ear technology.

The arms and spectacles frame can sometimes be used to embed other technology such more advanced directional microphones for reducing background noise. Can be wired to act as CROS or BiCROS system.

  • Convenient and easy to use – put your spectacles on and you put your hearing on too
  • Some models can route sound from opposite ear (e.g. when one ear is ‘dead’)
  • Some models use enhanced directional microphone technology not possible with traditional hearing technology
  • Sometimes possible to adapt your own choice of glasses frame.
  • If it needs servicing you may also be without your glasses, depending on model
  • Technologies found in other traditional models might not be availalble.