Example of Invisible In the Canal hearing device

The ultimate in discreetness. Custom made to the shape of your ears, the IIC is designed to recess deeply into the ear canal.

  • Ultra-discreet, 100% invisible
  • Recessed into the ear canal
  • Tucked out of the way make them ideal for active lifestyles
  • Makes use of the ears natural contours to enhance sound and reduce sounds from behind by funneling sound into microphones
  • Convenient, easy to wear
  • Doesn't interfere with wearing glasses
  • Not suitable for smaller ear canals and those affected by jaw movement
  • Electronics more exposed to wax, moisture and body heat – increased need for servicing
  • Not suitable for more reduced levels of hearing
  • Smaller size limits battery size which limits potential battery life
  • Smaller size may limit features available
  • Some hearing levels and ears may experience the ‘occlusion effect’