Example of Completely in Canal (or CIC) hearing instrument

The original covert hearing device, the CIC is designed to fit completely in the ear canal. Unlike the Invisible In Canal (IIC) it may be visible at certain angles (e.g. looking directly at ear canal) in some ears, depending on the physical properties of the individual ear.

  • Pros are similar to Invisible In Canal (IIC) but discreetness and acoustic properties more dependent on ear shape
  • More power available than Invisible In Canal (IIC), making them suitable for a wider range of hearing levels
  • More options available, including multiple programmes, wireless and remote control connectivity
  • Doesn't interfere with wearing glasses

  • May not suitable for small ear canals and those affected by jaw movement
  • Electronics more exposed to wax, moisture and body heat – increased need for servicing
  • Not suitable for greatly reduced levels of hearing
  • Smaller size limits battery size which limits potential battery life
  • Smaller size may limit features available
  • Some hearing levels and ears may experience the ‘occlusion effect’