Example of bone conduction spectacle, showing the pad at the end of the arm that delivers sound through vibrations on the mastoid bone

Bone conduction spectacles transfer the sound into the ear by means of a lightweight vibrating pad on the bone behind the ear. This keeps the ear canal completely open.

This means they are particulalry suited to those at risk from repeated ear infections and other middle-ear conditions such as otosclerosis and perforated eardrums.

They can be a good alternative to a BAHA (bone anchored hearing aid), with the advantage that they do not require an operation or surgery.

  • Convenient and easy to use – put your spectacles on and you put your hearing on too
  • Nothing goes in the ear, keeping ear unblocked and air ciculating
  • Built into spectacles so no additional equipment required
  • Unsuitable for non-conductive hearing losses
  • If it needs servicing you may also be without your glasses, depending on model