Example of behind the ear style hearing aid

Behind the Ear hearing aids are arguably the most robust of all hearing devices. All the electronics are kept outside the ear and sound is delivered to the ear via a separate but attached earpiece.

This provides great versatility because the earpiece can be easily swapped out for another material (e.g. in the case of allergies) or if the ear changes shape (e.g. children's ears).

Also ideal for hygiene (in case of repeated ear infections).

  • Arguably the most robust and reliable of all models
  • Hygiene – earpiece can be sterilised separately from electronics
  • Easy to maintain and replace
  • Fullest range of features and options
  • The most power available of any model
  • Fullest range of custom earpieces available
  • Suitable for most ear shapes due to separate custom earpiece
  • Tubes need replacing every 3 months or sound quality deteriorates
  • Some people may find them them fiddly.
  • May get in the way of spectacles, if someone doesn't have much room behind their ear.