Models & Styles

Most of the models of audifier and hearing aid shown here are advanced computers, with electronics so cleverly miniaturised that some of them can be worn completely invisibly.

Whilst others pack in additional technologies that take them beyond mere enhancement, giving those who use them advantages far beyond that of natural hearing – such as connectivity to smart phones and other technologies.

All the models and styles shown here are available through us, and our independence and industry connections mean we can often track down other models and technologies should you need something specific.

Models and styles of hearing devices at Audify® Exeter

Extended Wear Hearing Device

The Phonak Lyric Extended Wear hearing device

Extended wear means it can be worn 24/7. It is inserted deep into the ear canal for 100% invisibility, making use of the ears natural acoustic properties to further enhance the sound and reduce the need for additional features.

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In the Canal (ITC)

Example of In the Canal (or ITC) hearing instrument

In the Canal custom hearing devices balance features with discretion. They are generally hidden when viewed from the front but may be visible from the side.

However the extra room they provide gives space to incorporate technologies such as directional microphones and a button for changing programmes.

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Remote Microphone Technology

Example of Remote Microphone Technology - the microphone is on the end of a wire and sits in the curve at the top of the ear concha

Remote microphone technology extends the microphone to sit into the upper contour of the bowl of the ear.

Its unique placement there enable it to capture more high frequencies (speech enhancement), reduce unhelpful sounds coming from behind, and reduce wind noise.

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In the Ear (ITE)

Example of In the Ear (ITE) hearing aid. This one is a Full Shell, but they also come in Half Shell models

In the Ear hearing aids generally fill either half or all of the entire bowl of the ear. They are ideal where ease of handling is important or where added security (retention) in the ear is required.

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Receiver in Canal (RIC)

Example of Receiver in Canal (RIC) hearing device or audifier

Receiver in canal audifiers and hearing aids are possibly the most versatile of all today's hearing technology. The speaker is located in the ear canal for maximal sound quality whilst the the microphones and chip are housed externally, providing more room for technology and scope for award-winning styling.

They are neat, discreet and available for more levels of hearing.

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Behind the Ear (BTE)

Example of behind the ear style hearing aid

Behind the Ear hearing aids are arguably the most robust of all hearing devices. All the electronics are kept outside the ear and sound is delivered to the ear via a separate but attached earpiece.

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