Example of Remote Microphone Technology - the microphone is on the end of a wire and sits in the curve at the top of the ear concha

Remote microphone technology extends the microphone to sit into the upper contour of the bowl of the ear.

Its unique placement there enable it to capture more high frequencies (speech enhancement), reduce unhelpful sounds coming from behind, and reduce wind noise.

Style is unique to Resound and Beltone.

  • Available in most sizes, including in the canal
  • Microphone placement reduces wind noise and sounds coming from behind
  • Microphone placement naturally enhances the speech frequencies (like cupping your hand behind your ear)
  • Suitable for most levels of hearing
  • Suitable for a wide variety of ear shapes
  • Wide variety of options including telecoil, volume control and programme button
  • Doesn't interfere with the wearing of glasses
  • Like all in the ear models may be prone to wax and moisture increasing need for servicing
  • May not be suitable for the more reduced levels of hearing
  • Microphone can, on some ears, require periodic replacement