Example of Receiver in Canal (RIC) hearing device or audifier

Receiver in canal audifiers and hearing aids are possibly the most versatile of all today's hearing technology. The speaker is located in the ear canal for maximal sound quality whilst the the microphones and chip are housed externally, providing more room for technology and scope for award-winning styling.

They are neat, discreet and available for more levels of hearing.

  • Very discreet, lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Modern, stylish designs in variety of colours (including hair tones)
  • Suitable for most levels of hearing
  • Directional microphones as standard
  • May be water-resistant – depending on manufacturer
  • Wide variety of options including telecoil, wireless connectivity, volume control and programme button
  • Easy to service, easy to maintain, easy to replace
  • Can be used with custom earpieces
  • ‘Petite’ ears may find it interferes with glasses
  • Some people may occasionally hear their hair over the microphone
  • Can occasionally get caught when brushing hair or taking off jumpers