Hearing technology enhances our natural hearing ability to enable us to do things we wouldn't normally be able to

We all know that human hearing can be limited by the situations we find ourselves in, or by our own biological and physical limitations.

But all of us want to hear as others expect us to, to hear accurately, and to reduce our own risk of mishearing.

Which means it may be time to move beyond the natural, and take our hearing from ordinary to empowered...

Here's how.

Let's begin


Step 1 of Empowered Hearing: Profile your hearing

Profile your hearing

Profile your hearing to know for certain how you hear

You need to know what your hearing is really like.

We all assume that what we hear is 100% accurate. But how do we know? If we don't hear something, we automatically assume that sound wasn't even there—the sound simply ceases to exist for us. But that means we have absolutely no way to tell how well we really hear.

So the only way to be 100% certain that we are hearing as expected is to have our hearing professionally profiled at regular intervals. Anything less leaves us vulnerable to the perils of mishearing.

I've already had my hearing profiled

I've not yet had my hearing profiled


Step 2 of Empowered Hearing: Identify any hearing mismatch

Identify any mismatch

Identify any mismatch in your hearing compared to how you're expected to hear

Next compare your actual hearing to your expected hearing.

Other people automatically assume that we will hear them first time, accurately – unless they have information to indicate otherwise. Likewise there will be things you expect your hearing to be capable of. Does your hearing (as profiled) currently meet these expectations? If you're not sure you can always find out by taking the Audify® Challenge.

Yes, my hearing meets the expectations of others

I don't know if I'm hearing as expected

No, I'm not hearing as expected


Step 3 of Empowered Hearing: Establish hearing potential

Establish your hearing potential

Establish your hearing potential

Now discover how well you could be hearing.

So what would happen if you were to combine your natural hearing — as it currently stands — with the latest in augmented hearing technology and auditory training? This will give you your maximal hearing and listening potential. It's how you could be hearing. Knowing whether specific technology or training is appropriate for you, and how it will integrate with your own hearing, is where our own experience and expertise will prove invaluable.

I already know which technology is best for me

I don't yet know which technology is best for me


Step 4 of Empowered Hearing: Power up your hearing

Power up!

Experience the difference that hearing technology can make

Finally, experience the difference of empowered hearing.

The final step in taking your hearing from ordinary to empowered is to get kitted out with your own hearing system — matched and optimised to you — and begin experiencing it for yourself. We don't believe in leaps in faith when it comes to something as crucial as your hearing, so we've designed and built the unique and (some would say) awesome Audorama™ where you can directly compare your "ordinary" hearing with empowered hearing, right there and then.

Want to know more? Come in for a chat with one of our really helpful, really knowledgeable Audivsors.

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First tell me where this is heading...


Step 5 of empowered hearing: Be there

Be there.

An audified person achieving more and leaving others behind

Congratulations! You are fully audified.

This is what it's all about. Keeping your hearing at it best so you're always ready to be yourself, no matter what the situation. Confident your hearing is meeting the expectations of others. Fully connected to the world around you. And certain your hearing is prepared for whatever opportunities life brings you.

Go forth and do great things!