family hearing together whilst on a walk

We all benefit from others hearing us as we expect them to. This is especially true if we are close to someone or spend a lot of time with them.

So how can we help those we care about get the best out of their hearing?

Firstly, by encouraging routine hearing checks throughout life.

Secondly, by utilising hearing technology when hearing is reduced, in order to maintain the brain's connection to the world, to one another and to the opportunties of life.

Below are some of the ways Audify® can help you achieve this for you and your family.

Won't admit it?

needing the tv louder because of hearing problems

TV up louder? Repeating yourself? It's often impossible for someone to tell for themselves if they are mishearing. So it's likely you'll notice before they do. How can you help them recognise they're mishearing, without upsetting your relationship?

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In this together?

Joint hearing checks for couples

Conversation is a shared activity and foundational to healthy relationships. So why not book a joint appointment and get your own hearing baselined at the same time as your partner?

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Your responsibility?

Looking after someone else's hearing such as an elderly relative

If you are responsible for someone else's wellbeing, such as an elderly relative, we can work with you to find the best hearing solution and support for their individual needs and circumstances.

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