The Hearing Chain

The hearing chain - our perception of sound is made up of individual elements that each form links in a chain

Hearing involves an elaborate partnership between our brains, our ears and the outside world. Each of these individual elements act like links in a chain. So the overall effectiveness of our hearing depends on the strength of each of those links.

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Hearing: Open 24/7

Hearing is open 24/7, our constant connection to the external world

Hearing is the brain's main 24/7 connection to the world around us. It's always on duty, even when our eyes are taking a break. It acts as our early warning system, keeps us safe at night, and keeps us ready for opportunity – even when we're not actively looking for it.

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Hearing: the Social Sense

Hearing connects us to one another

Hearing is the only sense we have where others will notice when our sense has changed before we do. What's more, if we don't hear as expected they will get upset or frustrated. That's because hearing is the Social Sense, the only sense we have that is purpose-built to be shared with others.

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Hearing and Opportunity

Hearing is our welcome mat to opportunity so it's important to keep it ready and prepared

We never know what life will bring us. Thankfully our hearing is always open, constantly supplying our subconscious mind with 100,000 bits of information every second.

So when something presents itself as an opportunity, our hearing is ready.

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Hearing and Society

Hearing is the thread that weaves society together

Imagine if every individual were able to reach and maintain their full potential. Then had the means to combine their individual potential with that of others into something far greater than the sum of the parts. That something is society, and hearing is pivotal.

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