7 Reasons To Choose Custom Hearing Protection


Off-the-shelf earplugs may a cheap and simple option for keeping out the noise, but nothing beats the advantages of custom hearing protection. Here are 7 reasons why…

1) ​Custom hearing protection is effective

Nothing beats custom-made hearing protection when it comes to how effective they are. This is because they are created using impressions (silicon casts) taken of your ears, meaning not only will they fit snugly and ensure a complete seal to keep those unwanted sounds out, but they're crafted them to produce the optimum performance for the exact shape of your ear.

2) Custom hearing protection is comfortable

It doesn't matter what your ear shape or size is, custom earpieces are made to measure from soft silicon so you'll never have to worry about comfort. Nor will they come loose or fall out or irritate your ears like wax or foam earplugs. And they won't get too hot and sweaty in the summer like earmuffs can. So don't be surprised if  you quickly forget you're even wearing them!

3) Custom hearing protection is clever 

The custom devices available today incorporate specially designed filters that match the type of noise you’re using them in. That means there are models for every imaginable use—music, motorsport, gunsport, industry, snoring, DIY and more. So whatever your job, hobby or situation, there’s something right for you.

For example, some models of hearing protection made for shooting react to the environment so you don’t miss those quiet rustles or someone speaking to you… but as soon as a gun goes off, they shut right down to protect you from those sudden, loud sounds—even if you’re not expecting them. Whilst custom hearing protection designed for musicians and gigs or festivals enable you to experience music to the max by reducing it to a safe volume while retaining the highest quality of sound.

4) Custom hearing protection is made to last

Made from medical grade silicone, custom hearing protection is washable, hygienic and durable. Provided you take good care of them, they’ll usually give you 5 or 6 years of loyal use. This is a great advantage over single-use foam earplugs or ‘off-the-shelf’ earplugs (which usually need replacing after a few months) because you won’tbe constantly buying new ones.

5) Custom hearing protection feels more natural

Most ‘off-the-shelf’ hearing protection muffles all sound, leaving you feeling blocked up or cut-off. Not only can such over-protection, be irritating or even uncomfortable, but it can leave you feeling isolated from what you’re there to listen to. By contrast custom hearing protection have features to prevent this, giving you just the degree of protection you need - nothing more, nothing less. This ensures you're protected from harmful noise levels without making you feel closed off from your environment.

6) Custom hearing protection looks good

Custom hearing protection comes in all shapes and colours: transparent and sitting recessed inside your ear, sparkly, fluorescent, marbled swirls of different colours, or perhaps you like the style worn by professional musicians on stage – it's entirely up to you.

7) Custom hearing protection is personalised

With custom earpieces, you get a lot of choice. Not only can you choose the model, colour and style but there are also lots of optional extras available such as getting a lanyard attached, getting them engraved or making them metal detectable! The only way you can truly meet all your requirements is by having something bespoke: created around your individual specifications and designed specifically for you. 

Why not talk through your own options for custom hearing protection with one of our own in-house experts?

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