What is the Audify® Challenge?

  • The Audify® Challenge is a series of typical listening situations which each have a shared expectation by others for our hearing performance.
  • Typical situations include one-to-one conversation, hearing in groups, hearing across a distance and hearing in background noise.
  • Benchmarking our hearing performance against these shared expectations either confirms we are meeting expectations or highlights specific areas for attention.
  • How we meet these expectations is less important than actually meeting them wherever possible – so each challenge can be completed using any combination of natural hearing, hearing technology, visual and mental skills and listening strategies.
  • If we are unable to meet a specific challenge then we can use this information to help inform others on the best way for them to demonstrate practical understanding (e.g. adjusting the way they communicate with us).

What's the purpose of the Audify® Challenge?

  • Because hearing is the Social Sense others expect us to hear accurately first time—unless they have reason to believe otherwise.
  • Because we share these expectations across society, much of our communication and environmental awareness is based on them.
  • When our hearing does not meet these shared expectations it puts us at a disadvantage and negatively impacts on ourselves and others.
  • Because of the nature of sound it is often difficult or impossible for us to be aware of these personal disadvantages or the impact it has on others.