Audify® is a celebration of human potential—and the integral role our hearing plays in realising this. It's about bringing all that we are, and all that we can be, to each and every moment we encounter: in business, in leisure, in life.

Our philosophy summed up in two words: Be there.

As Albert Einstein once said:

All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded the individual.
Hearing fuels human potential

Hearing fuels human potential

For much of society, hearing plays a crucial role in human potential, connecting individuals 24/7 to the world beyond themselves and weaving us together into a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

As individuals who hear we therefore have a shared repsonsibility to keep our own hearing working at its best—to the extent that current biological and technological constraints allow.

And as a society built on the expectation that others will hear, we must ensure that those who do not hear are in no way excluded from the opportunity for development accorded those who do.

Hearing is our 24/7 connection to all that is happening now

Hearing connects us to the Now

Hearing—more than any other sense we possess—connects us to one another in real-time, instantaneously fusing our minds and hearts as individuals to that of another through the power of language and music, enabling us as individuals to live beyond ourselves and society to evolve.

But more than this, our hearing connects us to “the Now”, that singular expression of being where our own existence comes into perfect alignment with an exact time, an exact place, an exact happening to create the future:

A moment loaded with potential and opportunity.A moment constantly changing.A moment we must ‘know’, or its lost forever.

And so we keep our hearing ready:

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Because we never know what each moment will bring us. And we want to be there when that moment comes.

About prepared hearing

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Because our hearing must be at its best to know the opportunities that present themselves.

About empowered hearing

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Because to compromise our hearing is to compromise our connection to the moment and all it brings.

Protected hearing

Be there.

“Be there.”

Each one of us is the sum of our experiences, our memories, our skills, our relationships, our decisions, our dreams…

We have spent our entire lives reaching this point in time; there is no one like us in the known universe. We are unique, and the potential you and I bring to each moment we encounter is very different from that another would bring. But we have to be there: in the moment—as it happens, when it happens.

Only then can we bring the full promise of who we are to all we encounter.

All that I am, all that I can be I bring to the moment.That's why I keep my hearing a finely honed instrument.

That's why those who know audify.

Be there.