Hearing is the primary connection we have to the people around us, so keeping our hearing at its best has an obvious knock-on effect on the people around us, which helps maintain healthy relationships and mental health.

But more than this: hearing joins the hearts and minds of one individual with another in real time—through language and music. Imagine the possibilities together.

hearing and support through shared communication

Support through shared communication – out of all of our senses, our hearing is the only sense we possess that belongs as much to other people as it does to ourselves. Our friends and family need us to listen to them – and they expect it. Communication is fundamental to any relationship, and when this is allowed to deteriorate so too does the relationship, often resulting in partners viewing each other differently or their roles within the relationship changing.

hearing and pleasure from a shared experience

Pleasure from a shared experience – most people find it's not much fun going places on your own. A meal for one in a restaurant feels awkward, a trip to the cinema alone seems somehow out of place. Sharing experiences together strengthens our relationships, giving us something to talk about for years to come. If our hearing is less than audified it generally reduces our own desire to go out or our ability to participate. If we normally do things together, it's going to impact their social life too.

hearing and strength from a shared effort

Strength from a shared effort – relationships are about give and take, each person within the relationship sharing the effort. Hearing keeps this effort in balance. When hearing is less than audified, we shift some of this effort onto the other person. It may be something as simple as expecting the other person to answer the phone or to tolerate a louder TV. Leave it longer, and it quickly becomes a dependence on the other person. No longer a partner, they become the “carergiver”.

hearing motivates achievement through shared goals

Achievement through shared goals – whether it's a team pep talk, brainstorming session, a discussion planning some future event, or a public rally with a charismatic speaker, hearing is the ‘active ingredient’ that combines everything we are with everything others are in a single, focused goal. That continuous interchange of information, ideas and inspiration from one to another is like a snowball effect, growing and growing in potential until we can achieve far more than we could ever have achieved alone.

hearing and wellbeing through shared health

Wellbeing through shared health – Our mental and physical wellbeing affects those around us. A reduced hearing capacity is correlated with poorer mental health including dementia, depression, stress and poorer memory, and with physical health including an increased risk of falling, and reduced energy levels. Keeping ourselves audified reduces the likelihood of a preventable change in our own wellbeing affecting those closest to us. But similarly, keeping ourselves audified means we're better placed to provide comfort to those closest to us when they need us most.

Hearing and security through shared resources

Security through shared resources – our effectiveness at work, our opportunities for personal development and our general health all influence our financial status. Studies from around the world have demonstrated that a reduced capacity to hear increases the likelihood of early retirement for health reasons and a reduced earning capacity. Keeping ourselves audified reduces this risk, which brings benefits to the family as a whole.

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