What is AUDIFY?.

Audify® is a revolutionary new approach to hearing healthcare that begins with the central role that hearing plays in life. It is both an ideology and a brand founded to embody that ideology.

Because we firmly believe that when hearing is at its best, we each have greater opportunity to reach and maintain our full potential – throughout life.

So we provide the advice, products, services and expertise that enable “you, me and everyone we know” to achieve this.

Audify is about being connected – to the world around, to other people, and to the opportunities of life

Audify® is about being connected

Hearing is an incredible sense, connecting us on a moment by moment basis to all that is happening around us and to other people. It follows that the better our hearing, the better connected we are: to the world around us, to other people, and to the opportunities of life.

Audify® is therefore about keeping the performance of our hearing at its best throughout life, because:

  • The better connected our brains to the world around us, the sharper our minds.
  • The better connected we are to other people, the stronger our relationships.
  • And the better connected we are to the opportunities of life, the greater our potential.

No wonder the benefits of Audify® are so far-reaching for individuals, the people around us, and society.

The Audify® focus is on maximal hearing and listening performance, rather than hearing loss and deafness

Audify® is about hearing performance

Once we recognise hearing's centrality as the brain’s most important 24/7 connection it becomes immediately apparent that we should be doing everything within our power to keep this vital connection strong and constant—at every stage of our lives.

We want to always be certain that our own hearing is performing at its best – so we don't become a fade-away. Whether we have the world's best hearing or not, why should anything stop us from doing all we can to maximise our own hearing and listening performance – whether naturally, or technologically?

So we developed The Audify® Way, a blueprint that embodies the ideology of Audify®. It serves as our own charter as well as providing guidance to other hearing care practices who see fit to follow our lead.

We then designed and created an Audify®|Exeter, based in our home city of Exeter (UK), a venue that would exemplify this new approach to hearing care, and give people from all over the world a glimpse of the future – a playground of ideas and innovation where hearing has been allowed to take its rightful place.

Traditional hearing care is reactive: it waits until people have faded away then tries its best to fix things. But we believe that for hearing care to be truly effective and relevant it must be about keeping the connection strong and constant through life. This is the ideology of Audify®.

Hearing is about you, me and everyone we know, can know, will know

Audify® is about you, me and everyone we know

Once we recognise hearing as the thread that weaves society together, it becomes clear that hearing care is for everyone. Because what I do with my hearing affects you, and vice versa.

So Audify® is about you, me and everyone we know. It's about all people, all ages, all abilities. It's about being the best that we can be – for ourselves, for our friends, our families, our society.

It's about looking good in front of others. About never missing an opportunity or unknowingly letting others down. About reaching the top of our game and staying there.

It's about realising all that we are and all that we can be.

Traditional hearing care is discriminatory: it marks people out as different based on what they can't do. But we believe hearing care should be about finding the common thread and how we connect with one another. This is the ideology of Audify®.

Listening choices today determine tomorrow's hearing so Audify® is about educating society

Audify® is about today determining tomorrow

Once we recognise that hearing is our connection to the Now, it becomes obvious that how we look after our hearing today directly affects what happens to us tomorrow.

So Audify® is about our actions today and their repercussions tomorrow. Our choices today determining our opportunities tomorrow.

It's about routinely monitoring our hearing, so we avoid the consequences of mishearing. It's about using hearing protection today, to guard against fuzzy-ear and tinnitus. It's about utilising hearing technology the moment we need it, so we minimise the risk of shrinkage in our brains, relationships or lifestyles.

That's why those who know audify.

Traditional hearing care is ineffectual: it assumes people are indifferent towards their hearing and hopes that something will spontaneously change their minds. But we believe hearing care has a duty to empower individuals and society to always get the best out of hearing. This is the ideology of Audify®.