Hearing Appointments in Sidmouth

Appointments are available on Wednesday at the Oak Suite adjacent to the Beacon Medical Practice in Sidmouth. (Access to the Oak Suite is through the Beacon Medical Practice.)

You can either book online below, or telephone us on 01395 892075.

What is Audify?

Two people raise the Audify Flag on top a mountain top as pioneers in hearing care

Audify® is a revolutionary new approach to hearing healthcare that begins with the central role that hearing plays in life. It is both an ideology and a brand founded to embody that ideology.

Because we firmly believe that when hearing is at its best, we each have greater opportunity to reach and maintain our full potential – throughout life.

So we provide the advice, products, services and expertise that enable “you, me and everyone we know” to achieve this.

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The Philosophy of Audify®

Gymnast performing somersault in time to the music

Audify® is a celebration of human potential—and the integral role our hearing plays in realising this. It's about bringing all that we are, and all that we can be, to each and every moment we encounter: in business, in leisure, in life.

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Meet the Team

Photograph of the team at Audify®|Exeter

OK, we admit it... none of us like having our photograph taken. But we know how helpful it can be to have a face to put to a name, so we made the sacrifice, specially for you!

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Benefits of Audify for Society

Audified hearing brings many benefits for society – in health, education and economy

Because hearing is the thread that weaves society together, society benefits exponentially from the increased opportunities and productivity that arise when people connect with people...

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