Because hearing
is too important to ever let go

Because hearing is important for individuals

Hearing is one of our most important senses, connecting us in realtime to the world, to people, and the opportunities of life.

Audify® is about keeping that connection strong and constant, by looking after our hearing like we do our eyes and teeth.

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Because hearing is important for friends, family and colleagues

Hearing joins our minds and hearts to one another in real time. Which is why our friends, family and colleagues expect us to hear them first time, accurately.

Audify® is about enabling you to get the best out of your social sense, so you can be there for others.

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Because hearing is important for society

Hearing increases the opportunities, ideas, and productivity that arise when people connect with people, helping to fuel human potential.

Audify® is about maximising hearing so individuals can live beyond themselves and society can evolve.

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What we do


We empower you to MAINTAIN your hearing

Routine hearing checks, expert advice, and honest-to-goodness services like wax-removal and tinnitus taming.

We even offer free half hour consultations—it gives you the chance to have a chat, find out what we're about, and see how we can help you— with no obligation.

Hearing consultations and expertise advice


We empower you to PROTECT your hearing

Custom hearing protection specially designed to keep your hearing safe

We’re like personal bodyguards* for musicians, DJs, sound engineers, concert-goers, motorcyclists, swimmers, surfers, and shooters.

*Well, for their ears at least!

Musicians hearing protection, In Ear Monitors


We empower you to ENHANCE your hearing

We have some absolutely incredible hearing technology available, some of which you won’t find anywhere else for miles around. More importantly, we know how to get the best out of it.

But perhaps that’s not surprising, when you consider how personalised our approach is. Why not take a look at some of our testimonials?

Hearing devices like the Phonak Lyric

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